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Guest Post - Around the Dial: A Personal Appreciation of KCSN

Posted by Jeff Hirsch on 6 February 2015

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I fell in love with rock music and radio at an early age. Like all great love affairs, the peaks have been exhilarating and the setbacks deeply disappointing. Eventually, I was resigned to a comfortable but passionless relationship as the years went by and radio seemed to lose all interest in me.

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Art Or Advertisment?

Posted by Jeff Penfield on 14 July 2014

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Just before the weekend, the LA Times posted a story about Foster The People's giant mural on the side of a downtown building at 539 S. Los Angeles St. The mural was painted in anticipation of their latest album Supermodel and it mirrors the artwork for the album. They received permits from the city to paint it, however the permits were recinded last week. Why? The city claimed that is was an advertisement for the album, which is against city regulation. Late last night, thanks to a petition started after Friday's announcement, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has saved it from being removed.

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