Unbound playlist 8-1812


Legal ID

Song       Carried Away   -   Passion Pit  

Song       Believe   -   The Bravery

Live Jock Break

Song        Munich   -   Editors

Song        Red Stars   -   The Birthday Massacre

Live jock break

Song        DonÕt Shoot (IÕm A Man)   -   DEVO

Song        The Groove Line   -   Heatwave

Song        Call Me   -   Blonde

Live Jock break ------- THE SECOND COMING Feat. Dishwalla

Song        Counting Blue Cars   -   Dishwalla  (Pet Your Friends  1995)

Song         Somewhere In The Middle   -   Dishwalla  (Opaline 2002)

Live Jock Break

Recorded promos/spot

Song       (CLASSIC COVER) Leader OF The Pack   -   Twisted Sister  (The Shangri-Las) J

Song       Mama Said   -   The Shirelles

Song        In  And Out Of Love   -   Armin Van Buuren (Feat. Sharon Den Adel)

KCSN Recorded Drop

Song       Middle Of Nowhere   -   Hot Hot Heat

Song       HereÕs Where The Story Ends   -   The Sundays

End of hour



Hour 2

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Song       Obstacle 1   -   Interpol

Song       Heaven Or Las Vegas   -   Cocteau Twins

Song       Change   -   Tears For Fears

Live jock break

Song       ( CLASSIC COVER) Crazy   -   Kidneythieves   (Patsy Cline)

Song        Cruel Daze Of Summer   -   Jullien-K

KCSN Recorded drop

Song        Stiff Kittens   -   Blaqk Audio

Song        Useless   -   Depeche Mode

Live Jock break--------------- THE SECOND COMING Feat. Tonic

Song         If You Could Only See   -   Tonic  (Lemon Parade 1996)

Song         I Want It To Be   -   Tonic   (Tonic 2010)

Live Jock break

Recorded promo/spot

Song        Some Nights   -   Fun.

Song        ItÕs Time   -   Imagine Dragons

Live Jock break

Recorded KCSN drop

Song        Roam   -   B-52Õs

Song        Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well   -   A Silent Film