Legal ID

Song       SheÕs A Beauty   -   The Tubes

Song       Play For Real (feat. Heavy) (clean version)   -   The Crystal Method

Live Jock Break

Song       1984   -   David Bowie

Song       Honky Tonk Woman   -   The Rolling Stones

Live jock break

Song       Spectrum (radio Edit)   -   Zedd, Matthew Koma

Song       All Right Now   -   Free

Song       Anna Sun   -   Walk The Moon

Live Jock break ------- THE SECOND COMING Feat. Alanis Morissette

Song        Thank You India   -   Alanis Morissette   (Jagged Little Pill 1995)

Song        Lens   -   Alanis Morissette   (Havoc And Bright Lights Aug 28th 2012)

Live Jock Break

Recorded promos/spot

Song       (CLASSIC COVER) Hurt   -   Johnny Cash   ( Nine Inch Nails)

Song        Discipline   -   Nine Inch Nails

Song        Girl   -   Beck

KCSN Recorded Drop

Song       The Night Out  (Modern Remix)   -   Martin Solveig

Song        So Good To See You – Cheap Trick

End of hour



Hour 2

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Song      Angels   -   Adrian Lux

Song      The Pit   -   Silversun Pickups

Song      Between Something And Nothing   -   The Ocean Blue

Live jock break

Song       ( CLASSIC COVER) Dear God   -   Sarah McLachlan   (XTC)

Song        Senses Working Overtime   -   XTC

KCSN Recorded drop

Song        China Girl   -   Iggy Pop

Song        Countdown   -   Jupiter One

Live Jock break--------------- THE SECOND COMING Feat. Susanna Hoffs

Song         ThatÕs Why Girls Cry   -   Susanna Hoffs  (When YouÕre A Boy 1991)

Song         November Sun   -   Susanna Hoffs  (Someday- July 13th 2012)

Live Jock break

Recorded promo/spot

Song       Two Weeks   -  Grizzly Bear

Song       Keep It For Your Own – Pop Etc.

Live Jock break

Recorded KCSN drop

Song       WeÕre An American Band   -   Grand Funk

Song       Finale  (Original Edit)   -   Madeon